vignetterie beginnings

I'm Shanelle, the founder of Vignetterie (vin-yet-er-ie; vignette+paperie). I am creating my own line of stationery and gift products, and I'm here to share my journey with you! Don't worry, I won't leave out all of the fails. I'll be posting inspiration, paintings, new products, answering q's, and sharing things I love. My downfall is that I'm a bit too honest and I always wear my heart on my sleeve; but that might come in handy for a blog?
Here's a recent pic of me doin' what I do best: cracking up


A little background info: I went to a liberal arts college in Ohio for Art, but really just went HAM on the friend-making and socializing (no regrets). I did graduate (and cared very much about my art classes), but when you're trained in fine arts and have no real-world preparation from your school, you end up working for $9 an hour as a t-shirt maker in a literal sweatshop as your first "REAL" job (I even did one of those awful 'so excited to announce my new job' facebook posts when I was hired). Then you might work entry level jobs for a string of people looking for cheap or free design work, because you'll do anything to get a tiny bit of creativity for a tiny bit of money (sound familiar, fellow artists?). Fast forward 10 different jobs and many "portfolio building projects" (that means FREE), and I landed a position as a stationery designer in Los Angeles.
I worked myself to death, was promoted to lead our biggest account, and loved every second of it. Though after years of working for someone else- I realized I could do it on my own!

So here I am, drawing inspiration from travel, vintage textiles, classic jazz songs, all shades of pink, and the glamorous vibes of the past. Wish me luck!

Cheers, Shanelle